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Our Corporate Mission

To be the best and most efficient link between construction materials buyers and top industry manufacturers …
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To be the best and most efficient link between construction materials buyers and top industry manufacturers in every segment by developing transparent, reliable and user-friendly systems and platforms that offer the greatest added value for preparing, analyzing and selecting quotes.
To become the tool of choice used by construction materials buyers for obtaining quotes thanks to our reliable and professional service.
To serve as an extension of manufacturers’ sales teams by enabling them to submit quotes for their products in a timely manner via the direct link with material buyers, allowing them to create tailored quotes and recommend the most suitable technical solutions for each project, with maximum transparency.
To consistently seek to add leading manufacturers to the platform, prioritizing those that offer top-quality materials and the latest technical solutions.
Our main goal will always be to have professional, motivated, committed and trained employees who are paid fairly, creating the best possible work environment so together we can fulfill our Mission, Vision and corporate objectives, making it possible to efficiently and transparently manage the company’s resources.
To become a global benchmark company.
To share the commitment of reaching the highest revenue and profitability levels by implementing strategic and operational initiatives that will enable us to strengthen our assets with the aim of becoming a great company for the benefit of our employees and shareholders.
To be, by definition, a company that protects the environment, labor rights and quality work conditions, both internally and when adding manufacturers to the platform since those external entities must also value the importance of these aspects.


Our Corporate Vision

To be a global benchmark for construction materials buyers and for top manufacturers to request and sell industry products because our services are known for their transparency, trustworthiness, user-friendliness, professionalism and our commitment to providing the leading platform and the best customer support by using the most innovative technologies.

Corporate Values

Our Corporate Valures

Transparency, Trustworthiness, Partnerships, User-friendliness and simplicity, Professionalism…
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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

LinkerBid’s goal and guiding principle is to offer users, whether buyers or suppliers, a comprehensive, integrated and global platform of the highest quality and optimal user-friendliness to buy and sell construction materials.
This goal defines our strategies, fosters innovation and drives us to strive for excellence, always under the umbrella of responsible, professional and ethical operations.

LinkerBid interacts with its users, partners and suppliers in a lawful, ethical and respectful manner.
Users, partners and suppliers are selected through a process based on objectivity and transparency, finding a balance between company interests and the desire to build stable relationships with ethical and responsible entities.
We make every effort to ensure that our users, partners and suppliers respect the human and worker rights of their employees.
The decisions for user acquisition and for selecting partners and suppliers must be accredited, justifiable, demonstrable and verifiable in the event that they are reviewed by third parties or by LinkerBid’s own monitoring bodies.
LinkerBid employees may not offer, award, request or accept, directly or indirectly, any gifts, donations, favors or gratuities, in cash or in kind, regardless of their nature, that could influence the decision-making process for user acquisition and for selecting partners and suppliers, or the duties pertaining to their role. Any gifts or donations received in violation of this Code must be returned immediately and the company notified of the situation.

LinkerBid has an impeccable reputation as a good corporate citizen and neighbor. We respect the human rights of all the people in the communities where we operate and believe it is our duty to take responsibility for environmental stewardship and the rational use of resources.
We strive to ensure social responsibility in how the company’s resources are used for the long-term benefit of society.

As part of its internal policy, LinkerBid accepts responsibility for all the agreements and accords it has signed and adhered to, remaining committed to their outcome and fulfillment.

We work hard to promote sustainable practices, foster value creation and assess the actual and potential adverse effects on human rights caused by our operations or those of our users, partners and suppliers.

We believe that everyone can and wants to contribute and give the best they have to offer.
We value differences.
We inspire and allow people to achieve high expectations, standards and ambitious goals.
We are honest with people about their performance.

We believe that doing things well in business and behaving with integrity will take the company and individuals to the top.
Our quest for mutual success unites us.

We only take on and request tasks that will add value to the business.
We simplify, standardize and streamline our work wherever possible.

We place great importance on innovations that support users.
We challenge conventional aspects and reinvent how business is done.

We believe that everyone has the duty to continuously develop additional skills and those of others.
We encourage and expect outstanding technical proficiency and excellence in its execution.

We strive to operate in the best way possible.
We rigorously compare our performance against the best.
We learn from our successes and also from our failures.

We are committed to gaining a greater understanding of our users and their needs.
We seek to build close and mutually-beneficial relationships with users, partners and suppliers.
We are good corporate citizens.

We work together with trust and confidence across all departments and the company’s hierarchical organizational structure.
We are proud of the results obtained by applying ideas from anyone on the team.
We create valuable relationships with everyone who contributes to fulfilling our Mission and Vision.

LinkerBid is committed to offering equal employment opportunities. This means that we must treat our LinkerBid colleagues and any candidates seeking to join the company in a fair manner, never acting in a discriminatory fashion.
We comply with all applicable legislation, and our employment decisions (such as recruitment, hiring, training, salaries and promotions) are always made without discriminating against anyone on the grounds of race, color, gender, age, place of origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, disability or any characteristics protected by law.

New technologies are the foundation that support LinkerBid.
They provide unique opportunities to build our business and to listen, learn and interact with users, partners, suppliers, stakeholders and employees through a broad range of social media platforms.
There are many laws across the world that govern what LinkerBid can say about our company and services, and those laws also apply to social media so we must comply with them.
To ensure this is done, we use good judgment, follow our Vision and Mission, and comply with all applicable legislation.

We expect and require all of our users, partners and suppliers to always follow the law and to never require their employees or others to violate any applicable regulations.

LinkerBid respects the internationally-recognized human rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Associated Treaties and in the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration relating to the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
We expect and require our users, partners and suppliers to respect these human rights.

We will never allow LinkerBid users, partners or suppliers to use child labor. LinkerBid prohibits underage workers from being assigned to jobs that are defined as hazardous by local legislation.

Employment should be chosen voluntarily and freely.
We expect and require our users, partners and suppliers to verify the legal eligibility of their employees in order to work. They are not permitted to use prison labor or bonded labor, or be involved in human trafficking or modern slavery practices. Corporal punishment and other forms of mental and/or physical coercion must never be used.
The employees of our users, partners and suppliers must not be forced to leave deposits or identity documents, or to pay recruitment fees, and must be free to leave the job with their employer after giving reasonable notice. LinkerBid expects the recruitment agencies it works with to train the employees they assign to work for LinkerBid, ensuring they understand these requirements.

We expect and require our users, partners and suppliers to comply with all applicable legislation regarding wages and work hours, including minimum wage, overtime, maximum work hours, meal and break periods, and to provide all the benefits established by law.

We expect our users, partners and suppliers to treat their employees with dignity and respect. Systems should be applied to prevent, detect and address unacceptable treatment of employees, such as bullying, the inappropriate discipline, discrimination, physical or mental punishment, or other forms of intimidation and abuse (i.e., physical abuse, threat of abuse, sexual or other type of harassment, verbal abuse, any type of corporal punishment or other forms of mental and/or physical coercion as a form of discipline).

LinkerBid will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, color, gender, age, place of origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, medical condition (i.e., HIV, pregnancy, etc.) or any other legally protected characteristics.
Our users, partners and suppliers must not discriminate in their recruitment and employment practices (i.e., wages/promotions) and must comply with all labor laws. Labor decisions should be based on merits, skills and work experience.

Our users, partners and suppliers must comply with all applicable industry laws, rules, regulations and standards in the area of health and safety.
We expect our users, partners and suppliers to support improved health and safety in their operations, for their employees and the local community. Our users, partners and suppliers are expected to take all reasonable and necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries, to analyze and reduce exposure to health and safety hazards, to protect their physical assets, to ensure the continuity of the business and to generate public trust.

We are committed to improving the lives of our employees.
The team at LinkerBid is the foundation of our success and gives life to our Corporate Values.
LinkerBid strives to create a work environment built on trust and security.
Our employees are responsible for behaving in a trustworthy manner and with integrity, for growing as business leaders and owners, and for competing honorably and with a passion to win. LinkerBid is committed to establishing a work environment that fosters open communication and supports employees so they can inform us of any violations. Reprisals of any type are incompatible with our values and will not be tolerated.

LinkerBid does not use recruitment or job placement agencies that charge candidates any type of fee to gain employment at LinkerBid.
We sometimes turn to recruitment or job placement agencies to help us identify candidates for specific jobs at LinkerBid. If a legitimate recruitment or job placement agency contacts a candidate, they should not charge them anything.

LinkerBid is committed to paying fair wages, to establishing transparent remuneration criteria, and to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.
LinkerBid pays equitable wages for similar roles and performance, regardless of gender or ethnic origin.
This is in line with LinkerBid’s values and principles, and with our efforts to create a world that has greater gender equality, within and beyond LinkerBid.

Respect for human rights is a fundamental consideration in how LinkerBid operates. We support the Guiding Principles on companies and the UN’s Human Rights, which respect and honor the principles of internationally-recognized human rights.

We expect and require all our users, partners and suppliers to comply with all the applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations and standards.
LinkerBid believes that it is our duty to take responsibility for environmental stewardship and the rational use of resources. We strive to ensure social responsibility in how the company’s resources are used for the long-term benefit of society.

We expect and require all of our users, partners and suppliers to respect the right of their employees to choose whether to join a labor union or not, or to have recognized employee representatives, in accordance with local legislation. Constructive dialog is expected with these representatives, along with negotiations in good faith. We expect and require employees, employee representatives and union members to not be harassed, discriminated against or punished in any other way due to their interest in and/or membership of, or affiliation with, a union, or lawful union activity, in accordance with international labor regulations.

We expect and require all of our users, partners and suppliers to conduct their business with integrity and complying with all applicable laws.
External business partners must not give, agree to give, offer or receive anything of value to influence the behavior of another company or government official with the aim of gaining an improper benefit or advantage.

All relationships between LinkerBid employees and authorities and public institutions, in every country where we operate, must be conducted lawfully, ethically, respectfully and aligned with international provisions for the prevention of corruption and bribery. Employees must obtain specific authorization from the company in order to establish relationships with government representatives.
Any employees who have relationships with the government will be required to document all decisions made and accredit compliance with applicable internal and external rules in order to facilitate regulatory compliance reviews by third parties and by the company’s monitoring bodies.
As a general rule, no LinkerBid employee may offer, award, request or accept, directly or indirectly, gifts or donations, favors or rewards, of any nature, to or from authorities or public officials.
The only exceptions to the above rule are tokens and hospitalities of little economic value that are proportionate and reasonable as per local practices, and transparent and presented for reasons of legitimate interest and are socially acceptable, and also occasional, to prevent their content or regularity from causing an independent third party to doubt the good faith of the employee or the company. Cash gifts are explicitly prohibited.
It is the responsibility of each employee to understand and properly gage local practices, bearing in mind the company’s interest and sound reputation.
LinkerBid employees must refrain from making payments to facilitate or expedite processes that involve handing over money or other items of value, of any amount, in exchange for securing or speeding up a process, of any nature, to a judicial body, government entity or official agency.
Employees must avoid gaining undue tax advantages for LinkerBid and ensure that information declared in this area to authorities is truthful and accurately reflects the company’s reality.
They must also ensure that any subsidies requested or received from the government are used as intended and that their application is transparent, never falsifying the terms for securing them or giving them a use that is different to that for which they were granted.

LinkerBid employees must avoid situations that may lead to a conflict between their personal interests and those of the company. They should also refrain from representing LinkerBid and intervening in or influencing decision-making where, directly or indirectly, they or a third party associated with them, have a personal interest. They may not use their position in the company to obtain patrimonial or personal advantages or their own business opportunities. LinkerBid employees may not provide services such as that of consultant, adviser, director, employee or mentor to any competing company, except for services provided at LinkerBid’s request.

Users, partners and suppliers are expected to respect and comply with our policy on gifts, recreational activities and gratuities. In general, LinkerBid’s policy prohibits receiving gifts, invitations to recreational activities and other gratuities from individuals with whom LinkerBid does business. This is not acceptable as it may create obligations for the company and potentially pose a conflict of interest.

LinkerBid employees may only perform external work and professional activities beyond their duties at LinkerBid when those activities do not interfere with the productivity expected of them.
Any outside work or professional activities that may affect their work schedule at LinkerBid must be authorized in advance by the company.
LinkerBid carries out its business model without interfering politically in the communities where it operates.
Any relationships between LinkerBid and governments, authorities, institutions and political parties will be based on principles of lawfulness and neutrality.
Donations made by the company, monetary and/or in kind, to political parties, institutions and governments, must always be done in accordance with the legislation in force and guaranteeing their transparency.
Employees have the right to take part in legally-recognized political activities, providing these do not interfere with the satisfactory performance of their duties within the company and are done outside of work hours and away from LinkerBid facilities to ensure those activities not be attributed to the company.

LinkerBid employees should use the company’s assets and services in an efficient manner and not for their own benefit.
On this point, LinkerBid employees must never use the computers that LinkerBid makes available to them to install or download software, apps or content that is illegal, that violates company rules or that could harm its reputation. They are also not permitted to use company funds or bank cards to pay for activities that do not pertain to their professional duties.
Employees should be aware that the documents and data contained in LinkerBid’s IT systems may be subject to inspection by the company’s corresponding departments, or by third parties it appoints, when deemed necessary and permitted by regulations in force.

LinkerBid is committed to protecting its intellectual and industrial property as well as that of third parties. This includes, among other items, copyrights, patents, trademarks, domain names, reproduction rights, design rights, database extraction rights and specialist technical expertise rights.
LinkerBid assumes responsibility for the originality of its designs and will ensure that its suppliers guarantee the originality of the designs they make available to the company.
LinkerBid employees are expressly forbidden from using the works, creations or logos that fall within the intellectual or industrial property of third parties without written proof that the company holds the corresponding rights and/or licenses.
LinkerBid employees must adopt the necessary measures to protect all intellectual and industrial property, ensuring that all processes and decisions in this area are traceable, documented, justifiable and verifiable, particularly through the titles of the works, creations and logos, and the application of contractual clauses that guarantee the originality and peaceful use of those belonging to third parties.
Intellectual and industrial property that is produced by employees during their time with the company, and which is related to LinkerBid’s current and future business affairs, will be owned by the company.

All financially-significant transactions carried out by the company must be clearly and accurately logged in the appropriate accounting records that accurately list the transactions carried out and be made available to internal and external auditors.
LinkerBid employees should enter financial information into company systems in a comprehensive, clear and accurate manner to ensure they reflect, on any given date, its rights and obligations as per the applicable regulations. The rigor and integrity of the financial information that should be disclosed, in accordance with current regulations, must also be ensured.
LinkerBid agrees to implement and maintain an appropriate internal monitoring system to compile financial information, guaranteeing that its efficacy is monitored periodically. Accounting records must be available to internal and external auditors at all times. To this end, LinkerBid agrees to put in place all training necessary for its employees to ensure they are familiar with, understand and comply with the commitments established by the company regarding the internal monitoring of financial information.

We expect and require all of our users, partners and suppliers to respect the privacy of their employees as well as of people who entrust their personal data to LinkerBid for the services it provides. LinkerBid expects and requires all of our users, partners and suppliers to protect and use personally identifiable information accordingly.
With regard to privacy at LinkerBid, our goal is to protect, collect and use personal information solely for the purpose for which it has been provided. We do not sell or rent the personal information that is submitted to us.

We expect and require all of our users, partners and suppliers to comply with all applicable laws regarding general conduct. They must ensure that everyone is treated humanely, that their dignity and privacy are respected, and that torture or any other inhumane or degrading treatment, sexual exploitation, abuse, rape or discrimination is prohibited.

LinkerBid is concerned about the negative impact of climate change. We believe that industry, governments and consumers can work together to reduce emissions and protect the atmosphere.
With this in mind, we are committed to reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions in our operations by implementing energy efficiency measures at our facilities and replacing resources derived from oil with clean alternatives.

LinkerBid agrees to ensure that we do not promote the sale of construction materials that are financed by armed groups from regions in conflict.

The way we operate as a company and as individuals is based on the principle of doing things well.

LinkerBid believes that animals have rights because they coexist with us on this planet. We are therefore completely against animal suffering and any activity that diminishes the quality of life of animals, whether it be by damaging the environment or by creating settings that are not conducive to a healthy life, which is a basic guideline in all our decisions and actions. We also expect and requires all of our users, partners and suppliers to have the same awareness and behave accordingly.

LinkerBid is a company with a purpose and values. Upholding the highest level of ethics is crucial to our success.
For this reason, we firmly believe in giving people a voice, particularly when someone makes an official complaint or informs us of something they have detected, a report, an event or insight that suggests a violation of a law, of our Corporate Values or of a company policy.
This is why LinkerBid is committed to creating an environment that fosters open communication. We encourage employees to report all known or suspected violations, and any reprisals against people who submit a report in good faith will not be tolerated.

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