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Architects, engineers, surveyors, developers and builders.
If you are an architect, engineer, surveyor, developer or builder, LinkerBid gives you the means to easily upload your project specs and receive quotes for the materials you need, directly from top manufacturers.


LinkerBid only allows manufacturers and distributors with a sound reputation and track record to submit quotes, ensuring maximum peace of mind.


LinkerBid delivers your requests to manufacturers’ technical offices, for specific solutions aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of your projects.


LinkerBid is completely FREE for buyers: there are no yearly or registration fees.


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For manufactures and sellers of all types of construction materials.

LinkerBid provides manufacturers and sellers registered for specific regions and material categories with direct access to the projects specs uploaded by the architects, engineers, surveyors, builders and developers who use the platform.



Whenever specs are uploaded or updated, the manufacturers registered as suppliers for that region are automatically notified.


For every region and material category, LinkerBid provides access to a limited number of manufacturers based on their track record and reputation.

Free Trial

LinkerBid invites manufacturers to submit an unlimited number of quotes during a free trial period, whose length depends on the market in question.


Architects, engineers...

And other buyers of construction materials.

This platform will become your trusted ally to obtain quotes for materials from the most reputable and renowned manufacturers by conveniently providing information on the best solutions at competitive prices.


Materials and Services

Variety and Quality

Quotes for all types of materials, directly from top manufacturers.


Manufacturers and Sellers

Quotes are sent directly to the buyers of construction materials
LinkerBid helps manufacturers find projects that are in the early stages so they can submit bids in an optimal manner. They are able to communicate directly with buyers through LinkerBid and obtain information about the materials and quantities needed. LinkerBid also connects buyers and manufacturers’ technical offices, which analyze the projects in detail to propose the most suitable materials and solutions.

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